Activites taken up by the Pre-service Teacher Education Branch during 2015-16.

Training for Teachers on Pedagogy.

Education is a futuristic practice is geared towards transformation of a society based on certain ideals. The certain broad aims of Education have been identified in the National Curriculum Framework (NCF-2005). These include independence of thought and action, sensitivity to others’ well being and feelings, learning to respond to a new situation in a flexible and creative manner.. The NCF 2005 has identified 5 guiding principles as a means of improving the system of education. (i) Connecting knowledge to life outside the school. (ii) Ensuring that learning shifts away from rote methods. (iii) Enriching the curriculum so that it goes beyond textbooks. (iv) Making examinations more flexible and integrating them with classroom life and (v) nurturing an overriding identity informed by caring concerns within the democratic polity of the country. To translate this guiding principle into the actual classroom transaction, there is a need for teachers to employ critical pedagogy in their approach to teaching-learning process so as to strengthen and foster democracy as a way of life in the classroom itself.

Specific objectives:

  • To plan teaching-learning process by identifying concrete steps using different methods through which the children will be made to go through.
  • To enable teachers to apply the concepts or ideas learnt to real life of students and to understand how such issues are connected to their lives.
  • To enable the teachers to create conditions such that students are empowered that to reflect critically on the issues in that confront them everyday.


The method adopted for the Training Programme is Lecture-cum -Demonstration Method and Activity Method.

Block wise Distribution of Participants was as follows 

Sr. No. Block Number of Teachers
1. Thadlaskein 5
2. Amlarem 10
3. Laskein 10
4. Khliehriat 5
5. Saipung 10
  TOTAL 40

 Plan and utilisation and dissemination of the end product:

  • Reports was submitted to the Planning and Management Branch
  • Manuals were prepared and distributed to the participants and to all faculty members of the institute for reference.

Notice Board

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    • Diploma in Elementary Education


    • Education : Development Of Body Mind And Spirit
    • Joy Bells ( Series 1-4 )
    • The Standard Abacus ( Teachers’ Guide )