Teaching Staff

Sr. No. Name Designation/Branch Qualification(s)
1. Shri. Richard .V. Khonglah Principal DIET M.A. Pol. Science M. Ed.
2. Shri. Wallambor Wanswett Sr. Lecturer (DRU) M.Sc. Mathematics, M.Ed
3. Smt. Gracefulness Sten Sr. Lecturer (IFIC) M.A. Khasi, M.Ed
4. Smt. Evangeline Syiem Sr. Lecturer (P & M) M.A. Education, B.Ed
5. Smt. Mumubai Lakiang Sr. Lecturer (PSTE) M.Sc. Zoology, M.Ed
6. Smt. Batina Nongseij Sr. Lecturer (IFIC) M.Sc. Chemistry, M.Ed
7. Shri. Bankerlang Lyngdoh Sr. Lecturer (ET) M.Sc. Physics, M.Ed
8. Shri. Mathew Diengdoh Lecturer (CMDE) M.A. Geography, B.Ed
9. Smt. Dapdorlin Shadap Lecturer (PSTE) M.Sc. Botany, M.Ed
10. Smt. Ladakahi Shullai Lecturer (P & M) M.A. Economics, M.Ed
11. Shri. Ivanteilang War Lecturer (PSTE) M.A. Education, B.Ed, Ph. D
12. Smt. Cassandra D. Shira Lecturer (IFIC) M.A. English, B.Ed
13. Smt. Nellie Laloo Lecturer (CMDE) M.A. History, M Ed (on going)
14. Shri. Nathaniel O. Jyrwa Lecturer (WE) M.P.Ed
15. Shri. Phillip I. Marbaniang Lecturer (ET) Master in Fine Arts
16. Smt. Farida M. Shullai Lecturer (PSTE) M.A, M.Ed

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    • Diploma in Elementary Education


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    • Joy Bells ( Series 1-4 )
    • The Standard Abacus ( Teachers’ Guide )