Courses Offered

Note: Courses Offered in all DIET Centres are the same

Sr. No. Name of the course Duration Mode
1 Diploma in Elementary Education 2 years Partially Residential

D.EL.ED Curriculum Structure

1st year

Course Title Theory
1. Understanding Childhood and Development of Children
2. Education Society Curriculum and Learner
3. Elementary Education in Meghalaya
4. Contemporary Indian Society with Special reference to Meghalaya
5. Proficiency in English
6. Pedagogy of Mathematics Education
7. Pedagogy of First Language - I
8. Pedagogy of Environmental Studies
9. Creative, Drama, Fine Art and Education.
10. School Internship

2st year

Course Title Theory
1. Understanding the Child as a Learner
2. School Leadership and change
3. Gender Diversity Inequity and Inclusive Education
4. Pedagogy of First Language-II
5. Teacher Identity and Vision of Education
6. Children’s Physical and Emotional Health, School Health and Education
7. Optional pedagogic courses (any three courses)

a)Social Studies Education
b)English Language Education
c)Mathematics Education
d)Science Education

8. Information and Communication Technology
9. School internship

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    • Diploma in Elementary Education


    • Education : Development Of Body Mind And Spirit
    • Joy Bells ( Series 1-4 )
    • The Standard Abacus ( Teachers’ Guide )