Development & Use of Teaching-Learning Materials for Upper Primary School Teachers.

For Upper Primary School Teachers

Venue: D.I.E.T, Thadlaskein

Dated: 23rd -30th March, 2016

Duration: 6 Days

No. of UP teachers supposed to be participate: 50

No. of UP teachers attended: 43

The Educational Technology branch of the DIET Thadlaskein,West Jaintia Hills had conducted a 6 days Training programme on “the Development & Use of Teaching-Learning Materials (TLMs) for 50 (fifty) Upper Primary Teachers” of Jaintia Hills District from 21st - 30th March 2016. Shri B. Lyngdoh, Senior Lecturer,Educational Technology branch was the Co-coordinator of the Training Programme.

The following are the names and designations of Resource Persons for the said training  

Sr.No Name Post
1. Shri W. Wanswett Sr. Lecturer
2. Smt E. Laloo Sr. Lecturer
3. Smt G. Sten Sr. Lecturer
4. Smt M. Lakiang Sr. Lecturer
5. Smt B. Nongseij Sr. Lecturer
6. Shri I. War Lecturer
7. Smt D. Shadap Lecturer
8. Smt N.Laloo Lecturer
9. Shri M.Diengdoh Lecturer
10. Shri S. Blah BTC, Principal

Need and Justification

Teaching-Learning Materials (TLMs) are important for the teachers in teaching his/her lesson effectively as it help him/her to a better interpretation and appreciation of the concepts, contents as well as the subject matter. TLMS also enables the students to proceeds towards concrete learning. It increases knowledge of the learners, arouses interest and enriches the imagination and thinking power of students; as a result, they enable the students to learn faster, remember longer and gain more accurate information.

Many rural schools as well as some urban schools suffer badly for want of adequate funds to procure the equipment and TLMs available commercially. TLMs with simple materials available in the immediate school environment may be utilized and involving the rural artisans if need be, would make learning effective.

It is for the teacher to know whether there is any need for the aid, which depends on the learner’s need. Accordingly, learning activities can be planned while considering their accessibility and relevance in a given situation. The learners feel interested only when he/she participates actively in the learning process. It is therefore important for teachers to know how to prepare and use the low cost TLMs so that their class room interaction becomes meaningful.

Specific Objectives

  • Understand the concept of teaching-learning materials (TLMs)
  • Understand the importance of teaching aids in teaching-learning situations.
  • Describe the material available in the environment for preparation of simple aids for the better comprehension of difficult concepts
  • Develop and implement the TLMs in their teaching
  • Appreciate the advantages of using TLMs in teaching-learning

Methodology: Group work, Individual Projects, Practical,Exercise, Demonstration and Lecture Method.

Altogether there were 43 Upper Primary School Teachers participated in this training programme drawn from different schools of the District. The Resource Persons during the training programme was the Lecturers of this institute.

On the 1st day, Registration starts at 10:00am followed by a brief introduction about the training programme by the Programme Co-ordinator. Training programme starts from 10 am till 3.30 pm everyday with a thirty minutes break in between where the participants were served with refreshment.

Training programme

Classes taken by Resource Persons during the training programme

Shri I.War, Lecturer in SUPW, taught about the theory part of Teaching-Learning Materials. The areas covered by him includes Brief history of the use of TLMs, Important values of TLMs, Principles in the Use of TLMs, Classification of TLMs, Advantages of the Use of TLMs, Need and Importance of TLMs.

Smt G. Sten, Senior Lecturer in Language (Khasi), teach the participants how to use Miniature Braille scrap book for teaching grammar using old newspaper as one of the TLMs while teaching language.

Material used: colour chart paper, sketch pens, scales, erasers, pencils, scissor, old newspaper, thread etc

Smt B. Nongseij, Senior Lecturer (Chemistry) taught and developed TLMs regarding using glass putty (clay) as model of molecules.

Materials used: Colour chart paper, drinking straw, glass putty, acrylic colour etc.

Smt E.Laloo, Senior Lecturer in Social Studies (Pol. Science) developed TLMs in Social Studies where she taught the participants about Revolving Disc and how to use it in classroom transaction.

Materials used: Paper fastener, Hole puncher, Colour Chart papers, paper cutter, sketch pens, pencils, erasers, scales etc.

Smt M. Lakiang, Senior Lecturer in Science (Zoology) taught the participants about Digestive and Circulatory System in human being and how to use the locally available materials as teaching aids.

Materials used: Colour chart paper, drinking straw, paper cutting, adhesive like cello tape etc.

Shri M. Diengdoh, Lecturer in Geography, taught and demonstrated to the participants about the concept map and how to use it as TLMs.

Material Used: white chart paper, sketch pen, scale etc.

Shri W.Wanswett, Senior Lecturer in Mathematics taught the participants how to use paper cuttings as one of the teaching tools in Mathematics.

Material used: chart papers, Sketch pens, scissor etc.

Smt N. Laloo, Lecturer in Social Studies (History) taught the participants about the Time line and how to develop TLMs suitable with time line.

Material used: Chart paper, sketch pens, ruler, pencil and eraser.

Smt D.Shadap, Lecturer in Science (Botany), taught the participants about different types of Pulses and Transportation in plants and how to use it as TLMs.

Materials used: colour chart paper, pencil, sketch pens, scale, different types of Pulses etc.

Shri S.Blah, Principal BTC, demonstrated to the participants how to develop and use TLMs while teaching Mathematics.

Materials used: Colour chart paper, sketch pen, scale, scissor, square copy sheet etc.

TLMs developed by participants during the training image 1

TLMs developed by participants during the training image 2


TLMs developed by participants during the training image 3

Some of the TLMs developed by participants during the training

During the training, there were individual and group works where participants were asked to give a presentation of what they have developed and also how to use them as teaching-learning materials.

Presentation for how to use TLMs

Presentation by participants on how to use TLMs in classroom transaction during the training

Group discussion

UP school teachers DIET Thadlaskein march 2016

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