Report On The 10 Days Workshop On Art Education For The In Service Primary School Teachers Of West And East Jaintia Hills Districts.

Brief summary of the Workshop

A ten day Workshop on Art Education was conducted by the Work Experience Branch of The District Institute Of Education and Training from 7th March to 18th March 2016 for the In Service Primary Schools Teachers of both East and West Jaintia Hills Districts.

The programme was designed with the objectives to:-

  • Acquaint the student-teachers with the various art forms namely the visual art, the performing art and the integration of art in the day to day transaction of the curriculum.
  • To cherish and value the local art form and cultural tradition
  • To draw linkage between art and everyday life.
  • To develop aesthetic values and appreciation of beauty in nature.
  • To take pride in the local art and one’s own culture.

 The participant teachers took active part in the programme as was evident in their enthusiasm, their involvement in all the activities, their active response as well as the cooperation, their discipline and punctuality throughout the programme. Most of the participants have come for the first time for any programme on Art Education.

The targeted numbers of teachers called for this programme was 40 teachers out of which only 32 of them could attend.

The breakup of the teachers called and attended are as per the following table: 

NAME OF THE BLOCK Number of. Teachers called Number of Teachers attended.
Thadlaskein and Jowai-Sadar 15 10
Khliehriat and Saipung 15 13
Amlarem 10 9
Total 40 32

The Resource Persons for the Visual Art are drawn from the faculty members of the Institute itself. They are Smt. L. Shullai from the Planning and Management Branch, Smt. B. Nongsiej from In Service Field Interaction and Coordination Branch and Smt. N. Laloo from Curriculum and Evaluation Branch.

In the Performing Arts section the Resource persons are the local performing artists of Jaintia Hills namely Shri H. Sungoh and Smt. R. Lyngdoh, who happen to be teachers themselves. It may be mentioned here that Shri H. Sungoh belonged to the second batch of the earlier In Service Teacher Trainees of the DIET, Thadlaskein who is currently the Headmaster of Khatarnor Upper Primary School of Shangpung village West Jaintia Hills District. Smt. R. Lyngdoh is a teacher of Khonshnong village and a prominent performing artist of the district

Programme and Activities during the Workshop

Two Dimensional Art Form-Definition and Meaning Sketching,Drawing,Painting,Designing,Printing, Collage.Three Dimensional Art Form-Meaning and Definition-Puppetry, Mask making, Clay work.Assessment in Art. Display of Art work and Art room.

  • Practical Activity: Drawing,Painting,Designing,Printing,Stencils
  • Art Integrated Learning
  • Performing Art:Traditional Musical Instruments
  • Performing Art:Traditional folk songs
  • Making useful items of waste materials
  • Wrapping up of the activities: Making of a Folder ,Demonstration of the folk dances, songs  by the participants
Teachers activity workshop
Teachers Performance
Group Photo With RPs

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