Training cum Workshop on Action Research for elementary school teachers of Thadlaskein and Laskein Blocks from 12th October 2015 to 3rd November 2015.

1. Introduction to the programme

2. Need and Justification

Action Research can also be used to analyze some of the characteristic of the teaching profession thereby facilitating thinking and introspection for making changes in attitudes, behavior etc. To help the elementary teachers and heads of institution find solution to classroom problems, training on Action Research need to be organizing so as to equip them with the procedures and methods on how to conduct such studies. Teachers during the training need to have a hands-on approach with the guidance of the resource persons, on the steps of conducting action research. They also need to follow up on the actual work which they will have to perform in their school and submit on the specified date to be given by the DIET.

Only two blocks of Jaiñtia Hills were selected for the programme, since it would involve the actual practical work on how to conduct action research in the respective schools of the teacher participants. The resource persons from the DIET will supervise the performances of the teachers in their respective schools. However, the same programme for the elementary teachers of the other blocks will be covered in the coming years.

3. Objectives of the programme

  • To enable the teacher participants to gain knowledge and understanding on the concept of Action Research.
  • To enable the teacher participants to learn the various steps in conducting Action Research.
  • To enable teacher participants to predict, analyze and provide solutions to their actual classroom problems.
  • To encourage teacher participants to conduct Action Research in their own schools in order to improve the quality of teaching and learning.

 4.  Areas covered during the training programme (Part I)

Sr.No. Areas covered Number of sessions Number of RPs. Number of Days
1. Registration, Introduction, Objectives of the programme, Meaning of Action Research. Need for action Research. 2 2  
2. Who conducts Action Research? How action Research differs from other researches? How it differs from everyday action? 2 2  
3. Types of Action Research and Salient features of Action research; Steps in conducting an action research. 2 2  
4. Implications of Action Research; Preparation of Tools for the research 2 2  
5. How to prepare an action research proposal on problem you found out? 4 4 1
6. As a teacher, identify one problem which is fit for action research in your school and prepare action research proposal for the same. (Activity). 4 4 1
7. Preparation of a proposal. (Activity). 4 4 1
Total 20 20 3

Note: There were four sessions every day. For the first five days and altogether the number of resource persons were four each day. Every day the session starts at 10 am and ended at 4.30 pm.

5. Activities during the other 15 days of the programme(Part II)

The part II of the programme consisted of the field work by the teachers in their respective schools. The work started immediately after the end of part I. Resource persons also went to the respective schools of the teachers to supervise the work done by the teachers. In all there were 5 resource persons supervising the work on Action Research done by the teachers. After completing the work the teachers prepared a report of the Action Research already performed in their schools. The reports were submitted to DIET by the teachers. The reports were then edited at the DIET and compiled in a form of a book. A number of copies were prepared to distribute to each teacher participant.

6. Conclusion

All the objectives of the programme were covered in the training-cum-workshopon Action Research for elementary school teachers of Thadlaskeiñ and Laskeiñ Blocks from 12th October 2015 to 3rd November 2015. The programme was found useful for elementary school teachers since most of them had expressed that they could use it for solving the classroom problems in the future.A number of copies compiling the reports of action research conducted and distributed to participants will be of great help for teachers in solving most of the classroom problems.

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